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All cuts come frozen and in state inspected packaging

Ground Beef - 1 lb. Packages

Burger Patties - 4 per package (approx. 4 oz. patties)

Ribeye Steaks - 2 per package (approx. 10 oz. steaks)

Sirloin Steaks - 2 per package (approx. 8 oz. steaks)

New York Strip Steaks - 2 per package (approx. 8 oz. steaks)

T-Bone Steaks - 2 per package (approx. 10 oz. steaks)

Filet Mignon- 2 per package (approx. 5 oz. cuts)

Minute Steaks - approx 3 per package (approx. 5 oz. steaks)

Roasts - approx 2.5 lbs. per package

Hightail Beef - Individual Cuts

  • All Hightail Beef is born and raised on our farm in Northeast Iowa. Our holstein steers are raised without hormones, and are fed with non-gmo ingredients grown and harvested on our farm. Additionally, they are processed at a trusted, state-instpected local locker. Holsteins often produce higher quality cuts of meat with great marbeling while also providing a leaner ground beef alternative. 

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